This is a list and description of all the fields in your session.

Session Title

The title for your session.


Add speakers to your session. You can select an existing speaker from the dropdown menu or add a new speaker by name.

Date and Time

Select the date and time for your session. If your session is in multiple parts (for example, a workshop that takes place over separate days), add all the times by doing the following:

1. Add the first instance of your session
2. Click the calendar icon to add a new date + time line
3. Add the second instance of your session
4. Repeat if needed

When an attendee adds a multi-part session to their schedule, all instances of that multi-part session appear in their schedule.


This is the location your session takes place in. Select an existing location from the dropdown menu or add a new location by name.


These are the tracks sessions are a part of. Select an existing track from the dropdown menu or add a new track by name.

Session Description

Add a description of your session here. You can insert photos, videos, and files, as well as customize all your text. You're in control!

Admin-Only Notes

The text here is only visible to other Admins of your event. This is a great place to share private notes with your team about a session.