KEYNOTE: Zing Data -- Forget the Desktop -- Building Mobile First Analytics from the Phone Up

Zack Hendlin
Zing Data, CEO

Zack Hendlin is the CEO & co-founder of Zing Data - a platform for simple, collaborative data analysis that works on anywhere. Built mobile-first to make it easy to query data in seconds on your phone, Zing has been called the 'tiktok of data' for making hard data questions a couple taps on a phone.

He was previously VP of product at OneSignal, where he 10xed ARR in two years, a product leader at Facebook where he shipped their first mobile ads format and their first work in speech recognition, and a product leader at LinkedIn where he shipped major news feed improvements. He holds multiple machine learning patents, and has been featured in Fortune and VentureBeat. 

The ability to analyze data has long been thought of as a thing you do at your computer. But in this talk we share taking insights from easy-to-use consumer products like Facebook, Linkedin and Robinhood it is possible to take complex query-writing and reimagine interfaces to work for people on their mobile devices.

We'll cover the complexities in handling long running queries on intermittent mobile connections, work required to optimize queries for display on mobile, and show a live demo of how all this works together to make it possible for everybody - from developers to truck drivers to use data wherever.