Application-Specific Blockchain Layer 2S: Strengths, Opportunities and the Future

Alexander Baigent
Fluidity Money, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Alex is a strong programmer with 8 years of working experience. He has been directly involved in the blockchain scene since 2016, starting as a researcher then a programmer for Solara. He has worked as a full-stack developer, a tech lead, sysadmin and DevOps engineer. He will be leading the product’s technical direction. He is passionate about functional programming, high-level language design, distributed systems and prediction markets. He most recently worked on decision trees using zero-knowledge proof cryptography, designed and implemented event processing infrastructure and designed and wrote a custom language-centric neobank product. He gives presentations and organizes events on functional programming concepts including market exchange infrastructure using functional reactive programming and (upcoming) cryptocurrency-centric options hedging using combinators. 

Layer 2s including rollups are being adopted for scalability and throughput. In this talk we explore existing examples of application-specific rollups and how they compare to more general ones implementing the EVM. We explore using type systems to generate layer 2s and show how an advanced type system with code generation can be used to generate networking topologies. We speculate on no-code solutions that could be built in the future.