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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Innovation at Large: Creating Holistic Experiences for Technology Users
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Ajit Sivadasan
Ajit Sivadasan
Lenovo, Vice President/General Manager,

Ajit Sivadasan sees a vast opportunity for Lenovo to lead the tech industry in reimagining the way people engage with technology in their daily lives. He’ll share how he discovered his passion for helping people learn new skills and capabilities and how he’s building on his experiences to help Lenovo and the technology industry create new pathways for engaging with customers. Ajit’s vision for Lenovo is to evolve beyond the transactional to build a holistic experience and community that fosters success, with customer-focused engagement that complements tech innovation with advances in accessibility and ergonomics. He’ll explore how his ideas would transform Lenovo’s relationships with three key customer groups:

Students and education. The COVID-19 pandemic showed how crucial digital technology is to meeting students’ diverse educational needs. Lenovo has an opportunity to take the lead in democratizing education, drawing on the company’s technology strengths to build community and fill the gaps in opportunity and resources that have become even more pronounced during the crisis.
Small business. Ajit envisions a tech industry that offers small businesses transformative support to help them grow and evolve. This could include creative microfinancing options for hardware and services, expert tutorials and knowledge-sharing on business strategies and best practices, and peer-to-peer problem-solving.
Gaming and game development. Digital gaming isn’t just a pastime; it’s a social community, a cognitive workout, and, for many, a pathway to professional success. Lenovo aims to support gaming enthusiasts across a wide range of experiences, from casual gamer to e-sports player to game designer, as well as to let gaming be a gateway to spark their creativity by building skills like coding and STEM learning.