Who Will Be Your Next Customer? Using AI to Gain Value Out of Customer Feedback

Riccardo Osti
Wonderflow, CEO

I am a data-driven Chief Executive Officer with 10+ years of experience in Customer Data Analytics and Decision Intelligence for the Fortune 500 in international markets. Passionate about big data, artificial intelligence, enterprise software, NLP, and Sentiment Analysis. I have experience in leading deep-tech companies, with a solid understanding of how technology products and solutions can be implemented and generate value. I build relationships with established multinational companies, guiding executives’ decisions that increase their market share, top-line, volumes, and help them reach business goals in highly competitive markets.

You have a lot of customer feedback data that is all over the place. How are you going to get it all into one centralized database?

Wonderflow, founded in 2014, is a unified VoC analytics platform designed to help ease all of your feedback-analysis headaches. It analyzes all unstructured consumer feedback in a single place using AI while presenting results in the simplest way.

In this talk, you will learn the basics of how NLP and predictive technologies are used to extract value from lots and lots of feedback data. You will see how simple yet effective our Wonderboard user interface can be and the ease with which even complex problems can be tackled.

There is no reason to allow a ton of customer feedback to sit there uselessly or a data mess to ruin your day. After attending this session, you'll have the necessary VoC analytics knowledge to make winning decisions based on your customers' feedback.