Wellness in the Workplace + Avoiding Burnout

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Corene Summers
CEO and Founder, Artisan Farmacy

Corene Summers is an expert in tailoring the ancient wisdom of meditation,

mindfulness and other holistic techniques to our modern world. She is the founder

of Artisan Farmacy, an international mindfulness and meditation coach, Reiki

Master, holistic counselor and life coach, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist©

and entrepreneur. Corene is honored to represent the Wellness Coach App,

Entrepreneur Magazine and Under Armour as a well-being expert and workshop

host/speaker. She was also recently named “11 Female Entrepreneurs Everyone

Will Know in 2021” by Yahoo Finance.

After a decade working in wealth management and battling Lyme disease, Corene

founded Artisan Farmacy in 2016 to help her clients cultivate thriving health, build

a powerful inner armour and expand their prosperity potential using the same

ancient knowledge that transformed her own life. The Artisan Farmacy virtual

platform provides holistic products, workshops and coaching programs that help

others more effectively cope with stress/burnout, reduce tension and optimize

human mind-body performance; leading to increased energy, focus, creativity, joy

and success overall. Over the last twelve years, she has studied a variety of

healing and self-care modalities (including meditation and mindfulness, Reiki,

Ayurveda, Shamanism, positive psychology, yoga therapy and anatomy,

breathwork techniques and holistic nutrition) with wellness leaders throughout the U.S., India, Tibet, Nepal, Australia, Chile and Spain.

Corene has always been passionate and fully involved with scaling startups and pushing the limits with his creativity and passion for technology. What Corene didn’t expect was to experience startup growth while simultaneously experiencing burnout as a founder. Because of this, Corene decided to combat his burnout with meditation and build a tech company to give others the tools to do the same. In this session, Corene will share how to avoid burnout by prioritizing wellness in the workplace and discuss how mindfulness can help employees achieve greater clarity, energy, focus, creativity and success.