The Future is Augmented

Bre Murray
HYP Labs, Founder

Bre Murray is a creative technologist and founder of HYP Labs, a tech company creating the future of spatial computing. HYP Labs creates immersive reality technology, including augmented reality and mixed extended reality experiences. Prior to creating HYP Labs, Bre wrote code for Disney, designed user interfaces for Ticketmaster, and consulted for Verizon and other tech companies. As a technological innovator, she applies her software engineering background to solve complex issues at the intersection of technology and design. When she’s not creating or managing products, she mentors junior designers looking to break into tech. Her mission is to bridge the divide between the tech industry and underrepresented communities.

How immersive technologies including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) will shape the way we utilize mobile experiences. Bre Murray gives tips on how companies can leverage these technologies now to make products and experiences more immersive.