The Battery Passport

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Lauren Roman
Everledger, Business Development Director, Metals & Minerals Ecosystem

Lauren develops Everledger’s business in metals and minerals, focusing on engagement with industry associations, brand owners and stakeholders in supply and value chains.

Lauren has spent most of her career working with enterprises, governments and NGOs on electronics lifecycle issues and played a central role in USEPA initiatives on electronics lifecycle management. She now serves on the Global Battery Alliance Technology Working Group, chairs the NAATBatt Recycling Committee’s Exchange & Tracking Subcommittee and is the New Technology Lead for FISITA’s Battery Cluster. She is also active with the Supplier’s Partnership for the Environment’s Responsible Battery Working Group and a number of other industry organizations.

Around the world governments are counting on a quick transition to electric mobility to decrease CO2 emissions. They recognise that this is dependent upon a sustainable supply of Electric Vehicle battery minerals and a circular economy to ensure maximum use and reuse of battery materials.

Sweeping changes equals a lot of challenges, and plenty of opportunities. Enter: the Battery Passport.

‘Battery Passport’ is a term now widely used to describe a global solution for securely sharing battery information and data across the battery lifecycle. Everledger, ’The Digital Transparency Company”, has developed the first Battery Passport technology platform, underpinned by blockchain, to capture and share battery data and streamline regulatory compliance.