OPEN TALK: Creating a “Virtual First” Work Culture at Dropbox

Allison Vendt
Dropbox, Head of Virtual First, People & Culture

Allison joined Dropbox in 2018 and since May 2020, she has driven the future of work strategy effort for Dropbox as part of her broader role leading the People Strategy & Analytics teams. This work culminated in Dropbox announcing a Virtual First approach in the fall of 2020, and since that time, Allison has led the Virtual First implementation effort focused on People and Culture. Prior to this, Allison spent a decade in a variety of learning & organizational development roles at Dropbox and in the education sector.

Remote work is a major paradigm shift that comes with unique challenges and big opportunities. As a “Virtual First” company, Dropbox is betting on the future of remote work. Join us for a chat with Allison Vendt, Head of Virtual First, People & Culture at Dropbox, to dig into what it takes to create a virtual first work culture and empower virtual first employees.