KEYNOTE: SafeGraph -- Data Standards: Connecting the World Around Us

Auren Hoffman
SafeGraph, Founder & CEO

Auren is a successful serial founder and an investor in over 150 active technology companies. He has been a noteworthy leader in the data space since the early 2000s and is currently CEO and chief historian at SafeGraph, a company that believes in the democratization of information to power innovation and solve the challenges facing humanity. He is the former CEO and co-founder of LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP).

Even though data is wildly considered the new oil, a single data set on its own has little to no value. Only by linking different information sets together can we solve complex issues impacting our society. Unfortunately, most organizations are unable to access data other than their own; their information is incomplete. Data standardization is the secret to unlocking data’s full potential.  In this session, Auren will describe the need for standards, how this impacts people and organizations today, and how to build standards to accelerate collaboration around data and beyond.