KEYNOTE: MediaCom -- The New Age of Creativity

Anush Prabhu

U.S. Chief Strategy Officer & Global Chief Strategy Officer, Creative Transformation

Anush Prabhu joined MediaCom in 2016, as the US Chief Strategy Officer, with a distinctive skillset of delivering strategic growth solutions that harness data and creativity, at both creative and media agencies.

He has been an instrumental part of the transformational growth of MediaCom, leading to the company being awarded Agency of the Year twice since 2017. He believes industry recognition is not only an indicator, but also a driver of a winning culture - in fact, during his 20-year career, agencies he has been a part of have picked up the top award 10 times.

Anush has helped shape several of the agency offerings, including Creative Systems, that has already delivered award winning growth solutions for clients.

He has been honored as an Adweek’s Media All Star, Adweek Young Influential, International Innovator, and an Integrated Marketing Influential.

We are in a new age of creativity – one where data and technology play a bigger role. One where creativity has the opportunity to get us closer to our consumers, at a cultural and a personal level, than at any point in the modern era.  But our creativity has yet to catch up to this new age. Unless our industry adapts, our left brains may not wait and overpower our artistic right brain – leading to a creative world deprived of its potential.  This presentation provides thoughts on maximizing the potential of this new age of creativity.