KEYNOTE: HP -- Imagine and Build Impossibly Innovative Products

Ed Davis
HP, Director of 3D & Digital Manufacturing Strategy

Ed Davis is the Director of 3D & Digital Manufacturing Strategy. Ed has over 30 years of experience in printing technology investigations and product development. Ed’s current responsibility is translating megatrend and competitive analysis into the vision for the Digital Manufacturing Industry and developing the execution strategy for creating this manufacturing ecosystem, from design through production and use. Ed is recognized for his depth in product lifecycles, from design through manufacture, including part manufacture, product assembly, distribution, and use. Previously, Ed held a series of positions in HP’s Print business, focusing on creating and scaling new business opportunities.

What are world Megatrends?  How do these relate to advances in technology like data analytics/machine learning/artificial intelligence, robotics/automation, 3D Printing/Functional Materials, Digital Manufacturing, Smart Devices/Industrial IoT, and Generative Design?  How are these technologies tied to Industry 4.0 and the digital threads of hardware products across their lifecycle?   How will these technologies evolve over time to realize the full potential and enable imagining and building things which cannot be designed and manufactured today?  In this talk answers to these questions will be presented, and the Far Future will be tied to Near Present current solutions which will set the irreversible sequence of events into motion.