KEYNOTE: Epsagon -- Microservices Observability and the Engineering Flywheel

Dev Innovation Summit Main Stage
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Ran Ribenzaft
Epsagon, Co-Founder and CTO

Ran Ribenzaft is the Co-founder and CTO of Epsagon, and also an AWS Serverless Hero. Ran is a passionate developer with an army elite intelligence-unit background, and vast experience in network, infrastructure, and cyber-security.

Observability is about more than building a reactionary response to latency and outages. Whether or not you focus on it today, at the core of your team is an “Engineering Flywheel”. Keeping talented engineers engaged, maintaining a cadence of feature releases, measuring the impact of new tech - these improve when you tighten the feedback loop on the one thing they all focus on, the service itself.
In this session, we'll cover the new challenges microservices architectures have presented us all with and explain how to create an effective Observability strategy that can accelerate your Engineering Flywheel.