KEYNOTE: Backendless -- Building Apps That Do Not Suck

Mark Piller
Founder and CEO of Backendless

Mark is the founder and visionary behind the innovative company Backendless and its mobile backend as a service platform. Since 2012 and with no outside financing, Mark built the company from an idea to a dynamic, growing player in the mobile backend services space. Prior to Backendless, Mark worked at webMethods where he was responsible for architecting the company's API services solution. Other past ventures include leading the design and implementation of multiple features of Glue, a web-services platform from The Mind Electric that was acquired by webMethods, as well as senior technical positions with ObjectSpace, MCI and SABRE.

The recent crisis created an urgent need for more businesses than ever to establish a reliable mobile presence. This, in turn, drives a need for systems to build apps quickly and with a limited amount of technical expertise. In other words, more visual development and less coding. Many such solutions leave much to be desired, however, as the need for uniformity leads to lack of flexibility in the software. In this talk, we discuss what we believe a developer should focus on when building apps quickly. We explore the trade-offs that must be made and how you can build quickly and still come out with a high quality, scalable app. We also get real about how inexpensively an app could be built and the sacrifices you'll have to make to keep it "cheap".