IoT Is the Key to Reopening Safe Workplaces

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Elizabeth Grossenbacher
Twilio, Senior Product Marketing Manager of IoT

Elizabeth is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Twilio IoT and host of the “Emerging Stronger with IoT” webinar series. Elizabeth works closely with IoT customers to understand and share their impact on the world. Prior to Twilio, Elizabeth launched dozens of products and programs at various high tech organizations, consulted for Fortune 500 companies at Gartner, and served as an IoT subject matter expert for strategy projects.

Kurt Nehrenz
BlueCats, Co-Founder and CTO

Kurt Nehrenz is a co-Founder and the Chief of Technology Strategy for BlueCats. He has been living and breathing Real Time Location System technologies for the entirety of his professional career, and is passionate about enabling digital awareness that transforms how people live and work.

Dr. Vasileios Nasis
AirThinx, CEO

Dr. Vasileios Nasis is an academic and entrepreneur who, over the last 15 years, has made significant scientific contributions in the fields of telecommunications, signal processing and computer vision. In 2008, Dr. Nasis formed Netronix Group Inc. which developed one of the most comprehensive and secure IoT (internet of things) platforms, with a global ecosystem. Over the past decade, this platform has played a crucial role in creating a more connected world, specifically in areas such as environmental monitoring and healthcare monitoring. In 2017, Dr Nasis founded Netronix Ventures, an accelerator focused on businesses with an exponential growth mentality that bring IoT solutions to the market. One of the most important companies to come out of the accelerator, especially in light of the global battle with COVID-19, is Airthinx. Using cutting-edge sensing technology, IoT and AI, the affordable, accessible Airthinx Air Quality Management System (AQMS) optimizes air quality in indoor spaces. Dr. Nasis holds a BSEE and MSEE in electrical engineering, and PhD in electrical and computer engineering, all from Drexel University.

Raj Krishnamurthy
Workplace Fabric, Co-Founder and CEO

Many businesses are still finding ways to recover from the pandemic. While vaccine rates have recently increased, they vary dramatically across countries which will extend the impact and slow the global recovery of the pandemic.

Elizabeth Grossenbacher, the host of the popular "Emerging Stronger with IoT" webinar series from Twilio IoT, provides an array of cellular IoT solutions (indoor air quality control, proximity awareness, contact tracing, etc.) that can be deployed simply and quickly to enable smart safety and health practices while protecting employee privacy.