Humanity In Deep Space™

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Kris Kimel
Space Tango, Co-Founder

Kris Kimel is co-founder of Space Tango and the lead on the new initiative Humanity In Deep Space™. He is also a founder and former president of the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC), an independent non-profit company with a reputation for designing and executing ambitious and diverse initiatives in science, technology, entrepreneurship and disruptive innovation. Kimel was the founder and lead of the IdeaFestival™ an international event centering on innovation, discovery and creative thinking across different disciplines. He is originally from Miami, Florida and holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Kentucky.

Humans are rapidly moving toward becoming a true spacefaring species. Are we ready? This session will discuss the hard problems and issues that confront us as humans embrace deep space as part of our living experience... from technology to design, physiology, food, the humanities, human nature/psychology, space/planetary ethics, etc. And how these new understandings and insights can be leveraged now to enhance life and humanity on Earth.