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John Horn
CoreKinect, President and Chief Strategy Officer

With two decades of experience in IoT John has been recognized as a Pioneer in the M2M/IoT industry. John has had experience leading organizations in all segments of IoT - he launched and lead the IoT group at T-Mobile, he was President of RACO Wireless a very successful IoT platform company that had a great exit a few years ago and was CEO of Ingenu an IoT focused connectivity company. Most recently, John has recently been serving as President and Chief Strategy Officer at CoreKinect an IoT hardware company as well as on the boards of other companies in the IoT Industry.

John’s message has always been to make things easier in IoT. With his broad experience in network connectivity and platforms and now hardware he brings a unique depth of understanding of how to build successful product launches that help industries drive to better outcomes through the use of smart IoT technology in the easiest way possible.

John has a B.A. from the University of California and lives with his wife in Scottsdale Arizona.
John and his wife have eight children and ten grandchildren.

There are many common points of failure in IoT. Success Comes Faster By Learning From Those Who Have Overcome.