Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Flow Engineering: Boost Velocity, Quality, and Happiness through Your Whole Value Stream
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Steve Pereira
Steve Pereira
Visible, CEO

How can you make time for real innovation and improvement?
How do you know what to automate next?
How do you escape process prison?
How can you get everyone aligned to make a difference?
How do you get from where you are to your next performance target?

Flow Engineering builds on the lean practice of value stream mapping with a full framework of collaborative mapping techniques. You can use it right now to reveal your biggest opportunities, eliminate hours of friction every week, and invest in what's next.

I'll introduce 4 powerful maps: Outcome, Value Stream, Dependency, and Capability, that you can co-create with your teams to uncover hidden insights and opportunities. I'll show you how to take those insights and create a powerful roadmap of actions and experiments to dramatically improve flow and deliver continuous value.

Use it to improve your:
- Development process
- Planning and shaping
- Delivery/Data/Testing/Analytics/Logging Pipeline
- Employee/Customer Onboarding
- Support/Failure Recovery/Incident Management
- Workflow of choice
…and start spending more time on what's next