Wednesday, August 18, 2021

PRO TALK: To SaaS or Not to SaaS: That’s No Longer the Question!
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Radoslaw Szulgo
Radoslaw Szulgo
Dynatrace, Technical Product Manager

SaaS is not for all! Many organizations are prohibited storing data outside their data centers, worried about security or restrained by limited change control!
The solution is a hybrid architecture that allows deploying your SaaS offering on-premises. While we have known examples such as AWS Outputs or Google Anthos the fact is that not everyone is Google or Amazon! Join my session where I share how we at Dynatrace moved from SaaS to a hybrid offering including an on-premises deployment. I discuss my top 3 aspects of a successful hybrid implementation: pro-active support, automated updates delivery, and zero-configuration approach and how our “Mission Control” takes care of these. This talk should inspire you how to expand your software offering from SaaS to premises with the lowest total cost of ownership!