Wednesday, August 18, 2021

OPEN TALK: Developer Workflow Optimization Will Save You an Hour a Day
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Ori Keren
Ori Keren
LinearB, Co-founder & CEO

New tools like Github CoPilot use AI to help you write better code. Developer Workflow Optimization tools use AI to streamline the rest of your dev pipeline - reviews, ticket tracking, status updates and meetings.

In this session you’ll learn how Developer Workflow Optimization (DWO) tools surface data to help you make informed decisions about what you’re building and shipping as well as automate menial tasks you perform 10-50 times a day.

Here’s examples we’ll cover in the talk:

You have 20 minutes until your next meeting. DWO suggests a code review you can complete in 15 minutes.

You’re assigned 5 pull requests. DWO tells you which reviews to prioritize based on the urgency and importance of the projects they’re related to.

You’re fixing an urgent bug and quickly pushing it into production. DWO automatically opens a ticket and tracks its state.

You’re issuing a pull request. DWO estimates the CI and PR review time based on availability to help you plan what’s next.

Join us and see how to improve developer and team productivity, cut idle time, decrease cognitive overhead and maximize situational awareness with Developer Workflow Optimization.