Thursday, August 19, 2021

Mobile DevOps Is a Thing!
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Moataz Nabil
Moataz Nabil
Bitrise, Developer Advocate

Mobile DevOps is a practice of bringing the different disciplines involved in developing, testing, releasing, and operating software into being functional inside organizations or by a team that works closely together.

The team is able to continuously deliver their apps based on continuous feedback and iteration.

There are different practices, habits, and different flavors of adopted company cultures that set the behavior for an actual process and daily doing.

Mobile DevOps and CI/CD pipelines help us to deliver our apps faster than before with great quality, they help us in running our test automation scripts on different stages (every pull request and nightly build) and help us in releasing our apps automatically to our QA engineers, product managers, and our customers.

In this session, I will be talking about the Benefits Of DevOps In Mobile App Development, why we should use it, and how to use it?