Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Embedded Scoring: Combining Traditional, Transactional and Behavioral Data
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Michele Tucci
Michele Tucci
CredoLab, CPO

When banks and lenders speak about alternative data they usually limit their range of options to a limited number of sources including open banking data, Telco data, or psychometric data.

We will talk about how financial institutions can improve their performance by combining different sources of data (behavioral and transactional) with credit bureau data (wherever available) via embedded technologies.

We will see how the combination of traditional, transactional, and behavioral data helps solve for major pain points including checking affordability and assessing the probability to default.

We will also talk about how to implement a framework of alternative data with which financial institutions can get a holistic view of their applicants without adding any friction to the process.

Lastly, we will explore how to achieve a higher predictive power of credit risk models which, in turns, allow for higher approval rates, lower risk rates, happier and more loyal customers.