Thursday, August 19, 2021

Putting the "Decentralized" in DeFi -- How to Build Decentralized Finance Projects
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Matt Luongo
Matt Luongo
Thesis, CEO

Thesis believes that individual freedom is what makes us human, but the economic and technological reality for many today means our freedom is inhibited by censorship, surveillance, and institutional control. From banks to funds to credit rating agencies, intermediaries and gatekeepers siphon value and control access. The blockchain and crypto community is full of engineers, designers, and visionaries bound by the shared belief there is a better way to build the systems that power our world. This discussion will be an overview of how to build the protocols and create the tools and systems that we all need to build a future that involves less centralized control. That means building decentralized, permissionless platforms with new technology that ensure control and privacy — what we call sovereignty — to individuals.