Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Optimizing the Supply Chain with a Cool Link - The Cold Chain
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Manik Suri
Manik Suri
Therma, Founder & CEO

$3T of Food, Pharma, and Data are stored across the global supply chain, growing at 8% CAGR, but as recently as the 1990s, the cold chain still relied on styrofoam containers for temperature control in major products. And even today, 90% of refrigeration is “dumb” and provides no real-time monitoring or data-driven optimization. This leads to massive product waste and quality issues. How can we successfully get our products from point A to point B? What we need are smart cold chains that leverage data-driven technology to monitor products in real time to ensure quality. We are seeing a lot of novel solutions emerging around IoT sensors, tracking systems and AI technology that are adding value to the cold chain, but these technologies are still in their infancy. In this session, Manik will take us on a journey of how the cold chain may look in 2040 with these technologies. For example: AI enables fulfillment at the point of sale, Automated cold chain technology in central warehouses, Cloud integrates cold chain technologies and data for different stakeholders for full visibility and Continuing evolution of efficient transportation.