Thursday, August 19, 2021

PRO TALK: Transform Metro Transport Crowd Management Using AI & Cloud Platform
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Kayalvizhi Kandasamy
Kayalvizhi Kandasamy
AWS, Senior Solution Architect

AI, has transcended its theoretical existence to become present in our day-to-day lives, and is encountered by most people from morning to night. Some examples are
* The e-tailer Amazon is one way many people are exposed to AI regularly, their AI algorithms learned what we like and what other people who are like us purchased the items which we would like to purchase
* Digital voice assistants like Amazon Alexa are quickly becoming our part of life. They use NLP and generators driven by AI to return answers to us.
And so on. But there are many other areas which could be improved by leveraging AI.

One such are of improvement is crowd management in Rapid Transit System (Metro)

Metro train ridership has grown significantly over the past decades and this growth is expected to continue into the future.
Crowding at train and metro stations is therefore experienced more frequently, resulting in safety issues, decreased comfort levels, increased total travel times etc...
As a high-capacity public transportation, the Metro Rail Transit has been operating at a level above its intended capacity by every government.
Despite numerous efforts in implementing an effective crowd control scheme, it still falls short in containing the formation of crowds and long lines, thus affecting the amount of time before they can proceed to the platforms

In this workshop, let us see how AI and Cloud Platforms can be leveraged in managing the crowd in Metro Stations and in Trains.