Thursday, August 19, 2021

Adapting to Climate Change with Solar + Water AI for the Global Food Chain
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Chris Terrell
Chris Terrell
Wexus Technologies, Co-founder and CEO

The global food supply chain is being transformed by climate change while utilities face increased client demand for affordable, reliable energy and water supplies. From growers to processors to shippers to retail, the food chain consumes 30% of global energy and 75% of global water supplies. The food industry is also grappling with severe labor shortages, aging infrastructure, stringent water regulations, unpredictable weather due to climate change, difficulty integrating renewable energy solutions, and customer demand for sustainable food supplies.

Wexus (Water-Energy Nexus) + Sweetsense is a comprehensive IoT software + hardware platform connected to the cloud via utility smart meters, billing systems and proprietary, easy-to-install IoT sensors in the field with global, low-cost microsatellite data for deployment in remote areas.

The Wexus + Sweetsense platform drives energy + drought resilience via:

• Software platform: Fully digitized company/energy/water data; continuous, automated monitoring of assets+ equipment in the field with geolocation, automated reports, real time predictive AI alerts, remote controls, efficiency tracking, upfront cost + energy savings , solar PV ROI

• Hardware platform: Global remote connectivity via microsatellites, 1/4th the cost of cellular data + 1/10th the installation time of competitors, first mover advantage by +2 years

• Bundled financing to cover equipment/infrastructure upgrades that boost topline revenue + net operating income while optimizing energy + water usage