Thursday, August 19, 2021

PRO TALK: Enabling Women to Lead Digital Economic Development Movement through Cloud and AI
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Chaitra Vedullapalli
Chaitra Vedullapalli
Women in Cloud, Co-founder and President

Women around the world have been directly affected by the pandemic in more ways than one, especially women in technology. Lack of Representation; Lack of Supplier Diversity Allocation; Lack of Access to Investment; and Increased displacement of women-held jobs are all constituting a global crisis. Well, what does one do then? The answer begins with Fortune 1000 companies. Systematic change requires collective action by organizations large enough to influence and maintain change. An attempt to change the norm requires Fortune 1000 companies to come together to acknowledge the problem and consciously take steps towards change.
In this session, I will highlight the gaps in the technology industry that is disabling women to succeed and create an economic; furthermore the session will also focus on ways to bridge that gap through collaboration and collective action.