Wednesday, August 18, 2021

OPEN TALK: Developer-First DAST: The Missing Tool in Your AppSec Toolkit
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Oliver Moradov
Oliver Moradov
NeuraLegion, VP

To truly scale application security testing, developers need to maintain their role in the security process beyond SCA and SAST, continuing the automation you are already achieving and rely less on manual testing.

Traditional DAST scanners are a blocker to this automation. They are hard to use, impossible to integrate, not developer friendly and produce too many false positives. This results in crippling human bottlenecks that stifle CI/CD, whether it's the need for security to constantly tweak scanners or the drain of manually validating vulnerabilities.

Either way, technical and security debt is compounded, resulting in insecure product hitting production. Change is needed, and fast.

In this session with Bar Hofesh, CTO and Co-Founder at NeuraLegion, you will discover:

1. Key features that your dev-first DAST needs to enable developers to take ownership of security

2. How you can detect, prioritise and remediate security issues early, automated in the pipeline

3. Insights into reducing the noise of false alerts to remove your manual bottlenecks to shift left

4. Steps you can take to achieve security testing automation as part of your CI/CD, to test your applications and APIs.