Zoom 8

Monday, September 21, 2020

Want to angel invest? Here’s how to write your first check
Reed Robinson
Reed Robinson
Groove Capital, Founder & Partner
Sara Russick
Sara Russick
Gopher Angels, Founder and Managing Director

Minnesota has a burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem complete with a healthy pipeline of emerging startups from a variety of industries, mentor networks, accelerators, competitions, and more. The State of Minnesota is also home to tens of thousands of professionals who meet the Fed's description of an accredited investor.

In this session leaders from Gopher Angels & Groove Capital will be focusing on how to connect angel investors with investment opportunities in the area's top early stage startups.

If you've ever thought about angel investing, but have not yet taken the leap, this session is for you. The session will cover high level topics like qualifications for investing, reasons to include venture in your investment portfolio, how to assess an early stage investment opportunity, best practices for writing your first check, and options for investing alongside other angels.