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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Smart City - Smart North. Session 3: Building Smarter Sustainable Communities and Cities
Tracy Nordstrom
Tracy Nordstrom
Towerside Innovation District, President
Russ Stark
City of Saint Paul, Chief Resilience Officer
Kim Havey
City of Minneapolis, Director of Sustainability
Nina Axelson
Nina Axelson
Ever-Green Energy, Vice President of Sustainability and Outreach
Ben Wallace
Ben Wallace
Minify Energy, Co-founder & Building Solutions Consultant

The Twin Cities have come together to build smart and sustainable collaboration centers to foster entrepreneurial-ism and innovation around energy solutions that deliver resiliency, minimize climate impact and assure healthy sustainable working environments. Join entrepreneurs and sustainability leaders from the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul as they share how their city plans, development and implementation have leveraged smart, sustainable technologies for climate and human livelihood.