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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

What to Expect from a Development Team
Andrew Rahn
Andrew Rahn
Modern Logic, Principal Developer

As a founder your business will require new technology. Needs range from simple, such as web sites, to complex things like mobile apps, or even new kinds of hardware devices. Staffing a full time engineering organization is expensive. Individual contractors are more affordable. And consulting teams offer a wide range of supporting services. We discuss what to expect from those kinds of relationships. How do you go about communicating what needs to be built? What is “lean methodology” and is it right for your business? How often will you be updated on progress? Who is responsible for making sure the deliverables are met? How are inevitable setbacks communicated and resolved? How long does it take to build various kinds of new technologies? What is the final outcome, and how can you have confidence that the technology will live on and power your business instead of immediately becoming a liability? How does hiring a contract development agency compare with hiring an individual contract developer? What about versus hiring a full-time engineering team?