Hopin 44

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Supporting Founder Wellness and Mental Health

Jen Labanowski, LMFT and Shelly Smith, LMFT are the co-founders of United Counseling and Wellness (ucwtherapy.com). As licensed systemic therapists, Jen and Shelly have an extensive background in helping individuals and systems increase their emotional and relational health. As co-founders themselves, Jen and Shelly know firsthand that "achieving wellness" is easier said than done when you're also trying to navigate the countless demands and stressors of scaling a business and leading a team. Jen and Shelly know that the health of a company is a direct reflection of the health of the founder and they are passionate about helping their fellow founders find increased balance and calm. This presentation will help founders learn strategies to improve communication, avoid burnout and lead from a place of emotional health.