Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Fly-in VIP Meetup with Dave Elliston

Join us for a Fly-in VIP Meetup with Dave Elliston! Dave is a Fly-in participant from 2018 who now works as a recruiter at SPS Commerce. 

Fly-in VIP Meetup with Todd Urbanski

Join us for a Fly-in VIP Meetup with Todd Urbanski! Todd is a Realtor with MERC and will give you the lowdown on the housing scene in MN. 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

VIP AMA with Chuck Foreman
Ben Theis
Ben Theis
Skol Marketing, President & Founder

Join us in the VIP Lounge for an AMA with retired NFL Vikings football legend, Chuck Foreman.

Thanks to See A Star for bringing us this VIP session.

Monday, September 14, 2020

REM5 Virtual Reality Laboratory VIP Event

Please join us for a social and informative event in a cutting edge virtual platform presented by REM5 Virtual Reality Laboratory. During this event, you will experience first hand how REM5 is leveraging WebXR to revolutionize how organizations can socialize and deliver content in the challenging environment of a pandemic. 


The events will include social time, a short presentation by REM5 about how the pandemic is accelerating the adoption of immersive technology, and tours of two of REM5’s virtual spaces currently being deployed; the REM5 classroom for k-12 schools and a virtual exhibition space highlighting racial inequalities through images, video, and data visualization. 


This session may be accessed from anywhere only requiring a computer and good internet connection. That said, there will be limited spots available on-site at REM5 to join the session from a VR headset for those that feel comfortable doing so. While it is our goal to make this as accessible as possible, users are required to have some basic comfort in navigating a new computer platform.


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Immigrating Founders - Fly-in VIP Meetup with Jess Girardi
Jess Girardi
Jess Girardi
Uproer, Strategist

How do you build a brand from the ground up after just moving to Minneapolis? I'll cover the vital connections I made and am still making to ensure my business has a strong support system despite being so new to the area.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

How Content Can Be Your Secret Sauce
Erica Thompson
Erica Thompson
soona, director of creative

Content is a challenging area of the business -- but it's as effective as it is challenging. It can be the secret sauce that moves the needle. Join soona as our Director of Creative Erica Thompson answers the most common content strategy questions. During the event, we will have a live shoot with a local Twin Cities company as well as a live Q&A.

Anyone who attends the event is entered to win a photo and video content collection from soona!?

Fly-in VIP Meetup with Ben Leber

Join us for a Fly-in VIP Meetup with Ben Leber! Ben is a local celebrity and retired NFL Vikings linebacker.

Fly-in VIP Meetup with Thang Holt

Join us for a Fly-in VIP Meetup with Thang Holt! Thang is a Realtor with Keller Williams and will give you the lowdown on the housing scene in MN. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

VIP Happy Hour at Minneapolis Cider Co

WHO:  TCSW VIP & Fly-In Guests

WHEN: September 23rd at 5pm

WHERE: Minneapolis Cider Co - 701 SE 9th St, Minneapolis, MN 55414


  • A designated area for TCSW VIP and Fly-In guests to meet and greet with one another
  • The Minneapolis Cider lineup of ciders, Pomologie spirits, and local food!

When you arrive at the event you must follow the following instructions: 

  • Masks (covering the mouth and nose) must be worn at all times, except while seated at your assigned table
  • This event will be a little different than your normal cocktail hour type event - the venue is required to have everyone seated (not standing up mingling around)
  • Please follow ground markings and observe Minnesota and CDC social distancing guidelines
  • Grab a table with up to 3 others - feel free to swap tables if you'd like to mix up the conversation
  • Tables cannot be moved for any reason

Hope you can make it!

Register here