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Workplace Inclusion - The Time is Now!

Hopin 40

Nicole Rabinowitz
Inclusive Networking, Founder

Nicole is very passionate about supporting job seekers in finding meaningful, competitive employment as well as providing support and innovative training to employers, employment specialists, and job coaches to create more diverse and inclusive work environment.

Abby Pearson
Isadore Nut Co, Production Assistant/Demo Specialist

Abby Pearson has worked at Special Olympics for nine years, and Isadore Nut Company for 1.5 years. She enjoys crafts and power lifting - her current deadlift weight is 140lbs.

Ajani Lewis
Allianz North America, Corporate service associate

Disability advocate

80% of people with disabilities are unemployed or under-employed. Listen to Nicole Rabinowitz of Inclusive Networking & Tasya Kelen of Isadore Nut Co discuss steps to bring people with disabilities into your company.  The panel aims to shine a light on inclusion from multiple perspectives. Joining them are Isadore Nut Co employee Abby Pearson and Allianz employee Ajani Lewis-McGhee.