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UnPub – Re-imagining Education and Collaboration with a Purpose

Hopin 17

Samuel Hoyt
Aquarian Knowledge, Partnership & Engagement Director

Samuel Hoyt, a recent college graduate of the University of Minnesota, majored in global studies with concentrations in leadership and nonprofit management. His educational background and passions support his growing role at Aquarian Knowledge as its partnership development and engagement lead, mission and narrative director, and founding partner. He is inspired to help build an organization that looks beyond the traditional goals of for-profit companies towards larger purposeful goals that hold it accountable to the diverse stakeholders in its communities.

Maceo Dunn
Aquarian Knowledge, Systems & Process Engineer – System Analytics Lead

Maceo Dunn graduated from Tufts University in 2020 with experience in entrepreneurship and philanthropy. At Tufts he studied Economics, and Finance, and he is the systems analytics and finance director for Aquarian Knowledge. He joined Aquarian Knowledge to help build an organization that is conscious of all its stakeholders, and impactful in its community.

Hear two recent college grads share their experience starting a for-profit, collaborative based, eLearning company. And how their passions for social justice inspired a new form of business accountability and structure.