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The Empathy Challenge: Practice Identifying your Blindspot

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Liz Tupper
Software for Good, Director of Product Strategy

Liz Tupper is Director of Product Strategy at Software for Good, leading the strategy team’s efforts to uncover insights about users, envision the technology that best meets their needs, and create product roadmaps to help clients achieve their goals over time. A self-proclaimed geek with two decades of technology experience, Liz is known for her leadership in the Minneapolis tech community—particularly when it comes to increasing opportunities for women in tech. Since beginning her career as a front-end developer, she has worked in the Internet of things (IoT), mobile app, web, and video game industries. Liz is passionate about working towards a zero waste lifestyle, serving on the board of directors at Eureka Recycling, and about putting empathy first when designing and developing new products.

Your goal is to provide value for the people who use your product or service. But it can be hard to recognize our own biases about who users are and what they want — not to mention people indirectly affected by your business. Learn how empathy-driven research and design can help you see past biased thinking, understand diverse viewpoints, and create successful products with a positive impact.