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TCSW Virtual Career Fair


Philip Xiao
Homi, CEO

The Twin Cities Startup Community has done so much for me and I want to help give back however I can.

Monique Covington
Homi, VP Operations

As a founding employee of Rocket Lawyer, Monique is used to wearing many hats. During her time at Rocket Lawyer, she grew the company to over 250 employees worldwide and started offices in the UK, Mexico, Poland and Utah. Most recently, as the Vice President of Administration overseeing and managing the PeopleOps team, Monique oversaw recruitment and talent acquisition strategies, and diversity and inclusion opportunities. She also managed compensation plans, benefits packages, performance management processes, and HR compliance across all global locations. With a results-driven mindset, Monique consistently matched the PeopleOps team goals to company-wide goals supporting Rocket Lawyer’s ever-increasing growth. As a collaborative leader, Monique is adept at building diverse and dynamic teams both within and outside her vertical.

Homi will be pre-loaded with jobs and mobile career videos from employees explaining why they work at their awesome company. We’ll kick it off the Virtual Career Fair with a one hour workshop on how to use the platform as a candidate and as an employer. During that time we’ll be emphasizing the importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the hiring process, explaining how to be inclusive in the hiring process. We’ll be partnering with professional diversity and economic development organizations to create a non binary talent pool. The platform will be available the entire duration of TCSW.