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Supercharge Your Growth with a Scalable All-On-One Sales & Marketing System

Hopin 101

Jeff Metz
Denamico, Functional Lead

Jeff Metz is a SME on sales, CRM implementation, and tech stack strategy. He has guided many small to mid-sized businesses towards streamlining their sales and customer relationship processes. A communicator at heart that has a proven track record of turning client's business goals into reality by relieving their pain points through creative solutions.

Alise Riedel
Denamico, Strategist

Quick-witted marketer navigating digital strategies for SMBs, willing to go the extra mile to deliver results.

Alise’s current role as a Strategist allows her to maneuver through HubSpot and its many integrations to streamline business operations. As a 3-time All-American in hockey, Alise is able to lead a team, execute when needed, and reach goals that move the needle in various industries.

You’re ready to grow. What’s holding you back? With the right data, tech, and processes delivered by an all-on-one sales & marketing system, you can supercharge your growth. Make the right investment the first time and rest assured that you won’t have to scrap and rebuild your systems as you reach maturity.

In this session, Denamico will show you how you can build a website, marketing, sales, and customer service system that scales alongside your business.