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SEO For Startups: Get In The Game

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Alison Cromie
Cromie Creative Consultants, Owner

Alison Cromie is the owner of Cromie Creative Consultants, a boutique marketing agency that helps business owners in the health and wellness industry grow their practices and stand out against their competitors. Alison has been building websites since the days of starry backgrounds and html tables (Am I sensing a comeback?! Kidding!) but more recently has spent over six years helping businesses plan, build, and launch websites that get found and convert. Alison is a knowledge-driven individual who is passionate about learning as much as possible about a topic and then passing that knowledge along to others. She is honored to have the opportunity to share with you what she has learned about SEO and how you can get your startup implementing good strategies from the very beginning so that you don't regret it a year from now.

Getting found in search is something every business should be thinking about from day one. SEO is a long game and the sooner you can implement good strategies, the sooner you will start seeing results. Come learn about the simple tactics you can implement now to make sure your business is getting found as quickly as possible.