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Scale Smart: Where to Start

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Jenny Erickson
ACThoughtful Consulting, Owner & Idea Activator

Jenny Erickson of ACThoughtful Consulting has a burning platform to change the odds of people going in business, staying in business, and creating a sustainable impact for themselves and the world. She rolls up her sleeves as a coach, advisor and fractional-COO with micro-businesses (under $1M in revenue) that are ready to scale --- but not sure how.

Amy Bogott
Amy Lynne Coaching, Owner

Amy grew up in the Twin Cities and returned to St. Paul in 2010 after living in Texas and Brazil. She started Amy Lynne Coaching in 2018 after having worked for nonprofits, a startup, a family-owned business and a Fortune 500 company. As a business coach, her personalized style helps soloentrepreneurs and small business owners gain the confidence and clarity they need to reach their goals.

Are you thinking about scaling, but not sure what scale looks like to you or where to start? 

We bring two business advisors together with a twist --- one with a specialty in helping solopreneurs accomplish more and another with a specialty in scaling micro-businesses so you can decide for yourself... 

What does scale look like to your business? 

What are the first things you need to do to make it happen? 

What is the closest path to your customers? 

It's time to scale smart!