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Managing Global Tech Teams During a Pandemic

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Jamie Thingelstad
SPS Commerce, Chief Technology Officer

As chief technology officer since 2013, Jamie Thingelstad leads the growth and development of the company’s technology platform, including its global product development teams and data center operations.

Shivani Stumpf
Hoonuit, Chief Technology Officer

As CTO at Hoonuit, Shivani leads her team to develop solutions that empower educators to make better decisions, optimize their institutional processes, and transform teaching and learning. She is passionate about putting together the right teams and leading them to do what it takes to win.

Amy Patton
SPS Commerce, Vice President, Technology

Amy Patton is the vice president of technology operations at SPS Commerce, where she oversees technology infrastructure and operations for the retail industry’s largest network of more than 90,000 organizations.

Teddy Bekele
Land O'Lakes, Chief Technology Officer

Teddy is the Chief Technology Officer at Land O’Lakes, Inc. and has a passion for researching, developing and implementing innovative technology solutions to help retailers and farmers produce more nutritious food while using fewer resources in new and sustainable ways.

Jadee Hanson
Code42, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Information Officer

As chief information security officer and chief information officer at Code42, Jadee Hanson leads global risk and compliance, security operations, incident response, and insider threat monitoring and investigations.

Today’s technology teams thrive on collaboration and agile processes to deliver innovative solutions. Managing a mix of on-site and remote professionals was easy, but what happened when everyone suddenly was remote. How did management change? What was easier? And harder? Hear from local technology executives about their highs, lows and learnings during this time and what changes they predict are here to stay. They’ll address how they hired, onboarded, trained, and promoted individuals, as well as how their solutions stayed on course and how they spurred innovation.