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Launch Marketing for Purpose-Driven Founders: How to Build the MVP of your Marketing Plan

Lindsay LaShell
Diamond + Branch, Founder + CEO

Lindsay Dayton LaShell entered the workforce at the peak of the first dot-com bubble, where she learned about digital product management, usability, business management and spending your investors’ money on ping pong and pizza. Since then, she’s worked for funded startups, bootstrapped projects, one serial entrepreneur and three marketing agencies, with a brief detour into the wilds of public education. In 2015 she founded Diamond + Branch Marketing Group, a digital marketing agency and certified B Corp that provided audience strategy, content creation and analysis to women-owned and purpose-driven organizations. In the spring of 2020, she pivoted away from agency services and toward full-time consulting to help purpose-driven organizations execute on their own excellent digital marketing. She’s on the Board of Directors for Business for Good San Diego, and a member of WeTheChange, both organizations designed to use business as a force for good.

The long term success of purpose-driven organizations hinges on their ability to efficiently grow their audience, but they are also the least likely to have access to the expert marketing support that can make that happen. 

We’ll talk through the MVPs of your essential marketing assets to get started and how to use them to create something actionable. 

- Building your marketing personas 

- Mapping your buyers journey 

- Identifying your key messages 

- Planning actual campaigns and content 

This workshop teaches a new approach to marketing that will leave you feeling confident in your strategy and ready to dive in and execute!