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Stephanie Malon-Rufi
Genuine Impact, Owner and CEO

Stephanie Malon-Rufi, owner and CEO of Genuine Impact, is a strategic business consultant and leadership coach for changemakers looking to take their social enterprise to the next level and feel confident doing it. She draws upon her 20 years of experience in nonprofit and for-profit management along with her MBA education to collaborate with leaders of emerging and scaling entities. She is also co-host of the Social Change Leaders Podcast, a podcast for social innovators with tips, actionable ideas and stories to inspire from thought leaders on the front lines of social change.

Traci Warnberg-Lemm
Social Motion, Owner / CEO

Traci Warnberg-Lemm is the owner of Social Motion, a training, coaching and consulting company that energizes civic, policy and community-based solutions and supports leaders that drive them. Traci has over 20 years of experience serving local communities, nonprofits and government agencies, in the United States and abroad. Social Motion provides coaching and consulting services, organizational development support, small and large group facilitation, and strategic impact planning to support organizations to better collaborate, innovate and create systemic change. Traci is also the co-host of the Social Change Leaders Podcast.

This interactive event is geared for participants who have a skill set that they want to monetize while building a business that has a social impact. A workbook will be available for participants attending this workshop.  This session will help you: 

*Clarify what skill set to offer and monetize 

*Identify and build a social impact component into your business concept 

Create a preliminary action plan that helps you quickly start earning revenue and making a difference