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How to turn all that screen time into time well spent

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Sean Higgins
BetterYou, CEO

Today our time on device is optimized, not for what we want, but for what we'll watch, all to increase time on page. We're creating a world where your time on device isn't optimized by apps or advertisers, it's optimized for the things you care the most about. I'm CEO of BetterYou, the digital coach that helps people make the most of their day. We're using AI to map how we spend our time and help people make time for the things that matter. I was Entrepreneur in Residence at Techstars, working in partnership with Target to find and grow the next wave of retail tech. I founded ilos, a video platform that lets you record videos and instantly share them on the cloud, where I led the team from 0 to over $1 Million in annual recurring subscription revenue. I have my MBA from the University of St. Thomas in Entrepreneurship and Finance. I am currently building BetterYou. For more information on what we're up to

Hayley Kraft
BetterYou, Marketing Associate

Hayley Kraft is a marketing associate at BetterYou specializing in content writing and content marketing strategy.

BetterYou's Hayley Kraft will interview CEO Sean Higgins about where our time has been going the past few months, and what that data means for our overall health. Sean will also cover ways to make your screen time work for you.