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Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for Personal and Professional Relationships

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Luis Moreno
TCBPN, Co-Founder

Luis Moreno has over 18 years of corporate experience in 7 Fortune 500 companies. With his strong knowledge of Human Centered Leadership and Emotional Intelligence and his collaborations with other experts worldwide, he's been training a new generation of leaders to be more Human to help foster workplaces that are healthier and happier. Luis obtained an MBA in marketing & strategy from the Carlson School and is a Humphrey Public Policy Fellow. He is engaged in efforts to increase U.S. Competitiveness and Shared Prosperity as a member of the Young American Leaders Program (YALP) at Harvard Business School. The state government gave Luis the Distinguished Service Award for his contributions in the areas of race relations, justice, community service, education, and civil and human rights.

Tamara K Torres ND
Optima Results Coaching, Founder & Coach

Tamara’s passion is helping busy entrepreneurs align their values with their schedules to have the time and energy for what matters most. Her background in psychology and integrative medicine, along with almost a decade of coaching experience has helped her empower clients to create purposeful productivity and meaningful time. Her guiding values include Connection, Wellbeing, Inclusion, Growth, and Autonomy.

Sylwia Borowy
NeWoman, Life Coach

Sylwia Borowy is a Life Coach. She helps people rediscover their strengths, passions and potential, find their true authenticity and purpose in life, improve their relationships, boast their self esteem and self confidence, and live their lives with joy and enthusiasm.

Join us to learn about Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and Relationship-building with interactive discussions and practical tips for how you can leverage these fields to improve your results in your professional and personal life.

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