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Disrupting the Status Quo in Your Organization and Community

Dave Mathias
Beyond the Data, Product & Analytics Coach and Consultant

Dave Mathias has been coaching and consulting with teams to better harness data to deliver better insights, products, and experiences for over 15 years. He worked with different organizations in many industries including finance, healthcare, industrial, government, and technology.

Sarita Parikh
Jomanity, Cofounder

Sarita is the cofounder of jomanity, a social platform to help people, at scale, build more joy, more humanity, and be better, every day. She has a wake-up-at-3AM passion for advancing technology toward the common good.

Are you trying to move your organization, or even your community, out of the status quo? Are you looking for effective ways to disrupt while keeping your credibility and social capital? If yes, join us for practical strategies on how to successfully move toward more innovation and more modernization. That is, how to disrupt without being disruptive.