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#CovidComeback - Business Accelerator for Digital Success

Hopin 102

Michael Sophia
Prosper and Purpose, Founder CEO | Chief Marketing Strategist

My passion is to accelerate the success of real problem solvers and promote the work of social enterprises that create positive impact.

I'm an advocate for conscious entrepreneurship and accelerating enterprise toward social renewal. I believe holistic thinking inspires new models of enterprise and leadership success, and that this kind of work is essential in our world today.

Part of my work, is to help grow and tell the stories of social enterprises and purpose-driven entrepreneurs - doing work that's helping to restore and reshape our society, our resources, and our relationships. We focus on brands that help, and products that do good.

I appreciate leadership qualities of self-awareness, and balance for the whole human being - intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially.

I've endeavored professionally in leadership, as a coach, presenter, teacher, as well as a business developer and adviser. Now I'm enthralled in my work as a founder & CEO, content designer, chief marketing strategist, and opportunity creator.

Power-up company growth with key insights for digital transformation. Engage the value of brand storytelling, content strategy and marketing, with tactics to expand digital presence. Live assessment during the session!