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AI & The Black Experience

Alton Glass
GRX Immersive, CEO

Alton Glass is a visionary entrepreneur who leads a team of new media gurus tackling contemporary issues through immersive storytelling. They create enterprises based on VR, AR, and formats not yet envisioned while prioritizing community capacity building to ensure that communities have access to new technology, tools, training and are apart of the futuristic narrative — to code a better tomorrow. Glass spent over 10 years producing and directing award-winning feature films and documentaries and founded Glassrock Entertainment. In 2015, Glass transformed the company into GRX Immersive Labs, a creative technology studio and R&D lab to signal a dedicated focus on virtual reality storytelling and emerging technologies, as well as a new model for creative entrepreneurship. GRX is blazing a trail to ensure that the diverse media makers of the future - maximize their potential as leaders, creators, and innovators in virtual reality and immersive narrative platforms.

Elizabeth M. Adams
Stanford University, Race & Tech Fellow

Elizabeth is a technology integrator, working at the intersection of Cyber Security, AI Ethics and AI Governance, focused on Ethical Tech Design. She also passionately teaches, advises, consults, speaks and writes on the critical subjects within Diversity & Inclusion in Artificial Intelligence, such as racial bias in Facial Recognition Technology, Video Surveillance, Predictive Analytics and Children’s Rights.

Rapidly advancing technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and algorithmic decision-making have proven to be a force for good. These technologies can also amplify forms of inequality, discrimination, and bias.  

This conversation will focus on opportunities for more digital inclusion through Data Policy and opportunities via immersive Virtual Reality experiences.

We will discuss creating a more inclusive narrative that addresses racial and social inequalities which bends into the metaverse thus improving AI & The Black Experience.

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