Thursday, September 10, 2020

Scaling Within: Expand Your Internal Capacity to Endure Change in the Midst of Uncertainty
Meredith Kathleen Neumann, MS, LMFT
Meredith Kathleen Neumann, MS, LMFT
Scaling Within, founder

During these rapidly changing times, as much as ever we need tangible, proven practices to help us operate from an optimal brain state. In this workshop, you will learn a simple but cutting-edge framework from the field of neurobiology that will help you thrive in the midst of uncertainty. Join this session to learn how to expand your capacity to:

- Act from intention rather than reaction with increased self-awareness.

- Maintain a growth mindset to remain both aware & agile in the midst of change.

- Make clear and rational decisions without feeling overwhelmed or withdrawn.

- Effectively communicate with colleagues and clients in the midst of crucial conversations, maintaining both honesty and respect.

- Identify and being to overcome internal barriers and limiting mindsets.

This is truly a transformative framework that will positively impact every area of your life even beyond succeeding at work.