Saturday, February 13, 2021

Sweet home Scala 3
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I am the type of person who learns new technologies on the job, so I needed a project to explore Scala 3 in-depth. More or less at the same time, we’ve decided to make our apartment just a bit smarter, and I thought this is a perfect occasion to play with Scala 3 (and many other toys).

My plan was simple: start with existing, stable integration: Home Assistant running on Raspberry PI, explore and use Scala on top of that.

Home Assistant has a fantastic ecosystem that reminds me of one we have in Scala. Everything I’ve done with Scala I could have achieved easier and faster with built-in automation, Node-Red or Python but this project was all about learning and fun!

So let me show how it works and how new features from Scala 3 can improve even such a small project.